17 Nov 2017

Thank you and Farewell Maureen!


With more than a little sadness, the Staff at Stubby Lane said goodbye to Maureen Roden who has chosen to retire after working in the same Pharmacy for an amazing 34 years. 

In that time, “Mo” has been employed by three owners, starting with Oxley Pharmacy, then Wilkes Chemists and finally J Docter Pharmacy, and has worked for a number of Managers including Margaret Whitfield, Don Scoular, Gay Devereaux, Rinisha Seera, Raminder Grewal, Taahir Din, the current Manager and many other locums inbetween. 

Whilst Pharmacy as a profession has changed, the pharmacy itself hasn’t altered much in those 34 years, although it did once have two windows (one was bricked-up to create more shelf space). Shutters were installed after a couple of break-ins, which saw a very brave Mo making the journey onto the premises in the dark, with the Police in attendance; the downside of living in the neighbourhood and closest to work!

Mo will be much missed by her co-workers and, most importantly, the Stubby Lane customers, many of whom took the opportunity to wish Mo and her husband, Don, well in retirement.


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