04 Apr 2019

Bye, Bye.

It was a sad day on Friday 29th March for staff and customers of CH White: Joyce Jones was retiring after many years of service to Pharmacy in Oldbury. Joyce has been, by her own admission, part of the fixtures for a number of years, beginning with Angela McKay at 3 Birmingham Street. Many customers and patients have been coming in to see her over the last few weeks, to say thank you for her friendly service.
In typical style, Joyce  left a little poem as her personal farewell:
Bye bye
I’m leaving, I’m leaving, I’m going away
The time has come to call it a day
I’ll hang up my overall, scissors and pen
Stay home with my hubby & sleep until ten.
I’ll come see you often to check you are well
Pick up my prescription and shopping as well
I’ll stay in the lottery, hoping for a win
And if you are down, I will lift up your chin!
I  will not forget you, you’re part of my life
We’ve been through some rough times, with trouble and strife.
But we all have survived, without too many scars
So remember the good times and have a few “jars”.

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